Ask the Expert

Question: How do I properly clean my bowling ball?
Answer: Hammer recommends cleaning all performance bowling balls immediately after each bowling session using Powerhouse Energizer Cleaner for polished surface balls, and Powerhouse Clean n’ Dull for dull surface balls. Both should also be used with Powerhouse Oil-Free Towels for optimum performance and removal of dirt and oil from the surface of the ball.

Question: How do I get considered for the Hammer Amateur or Regional Staff?
Answer: Hammer selects Amateur and Regional Staff Players on an annual basis in April/May. The decision is based on bowling ability, bowling accomplishments, tournament schedule, involvement in a bowling center/pro shop, and ability to influence sales in a specific market. The typical Hammer staffer has a 220+ league average and bowls in 20+ tournaments per year. If you would like to be considered for a staff position, please forward your bowling resume and cover letter to for review.

Question: Can I purchase direct from Hammer?
Answer: Hammer does not sell balls, bags or accessories direct to consumers. We recommend that you contact your local pro shop for pricing and availability. However, there is a good selection of Hammer apparel available for direct purchase at

Question: How do I process a return for defective merchandise?
Answer: Hammer offers an INDUSTRY BEST three-year warranty on most bowling balls and a two-year warranty on bowling bags. If the product meets the warranty guidelines, please return the defective product to the pro shop where it was purchased. The pro shop operator will work with his/her distributor to get a replacement. If you have difficulty with the return, please feel free to contact Hammer at (800) 453-2158 or