Introducing the latest weapon in Hammer’s arsenal. The all-new Hammer Plague. With an aggressive late mid-lane move, and the most backend continuation in the history of Hammer Bowling, the Plague will definitely turn the competition’s stomach. And, if you think this one’s gonna be sick, wait until you see what’s coming next. Because for us, it’s never just about winning. It’s about smashing, crushing and generally humiliating the other guy. And NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER. 

If this is the right ball for you, see it first hand at the pro shop nearest you!

Ball Specs

  • Color Purple/Red/Gold
  • Coverstock Level 2 Reactive
  • Factory Finish 500/1000/2000 Abralon®
  • Best Lane Condition Heavy Oil
  • Available Weights 12-16

Rg / Differential

  • #12 RG (2.60) Diff (.039)
  • #13 RG (2.53) Diff (.055)
  • #14 RG (2.49) Diff (.056)
  • #15 RG (2.50) Diff (.055)
  • #16 RG (2.51) Diff (.053)

Honor Roll

  • steven ferrara 278.266.257
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