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Black Widow

Featuring the High Mass Bias Gas Mask core with flip block and Violent Reactive coverstock, the Black Widow goes long and attacks violently on the backend. There’s no lane condition out there that’s safe. 

If this is the right ball for you, see it first hand at the pro shop nearest you!

Ball Specs

  • Color Black/Red

Honor Roll

  • Christopher Jansen 269
  • Cody L Scott 300 Game
  • James Bracey 300/780
  • Jim  Martino
    Jim Martino 300--753
  • Joe Gizzi 289
  • Marvyn Galsim 300/290/247/837
  • Michael A. Delmonico
    Michael A. Delmonico 300
  • Rick Schaber 299 288 276 863
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