Hammer’s new Aggression CFI coverstock is so good, we couldn't come out with just one ball that featured it. The Rip’D will give you length through the front of the lane with explosive backend reaction while the Rip’D Solid will give you incredible mid lane traction with a continuous down lane motion.

Both balls feature the new Rip’D core, which is a combination of the successful Scandal and Gauntlet core shapes.

With Hammer’s patent pending carbon fiber infused coverstock and outer core, the Rip’D and Rip’D Solid carry Hammer’s industry leading three year warranty.

Hammer Tough N Tacky is recommended to keep the Rip'D performing at its best.

Be sure to check out the Rip'D Solid as well!

Ball Specs

  • Color Black/Gold/White
  • Reaction Length with Aggressive Backend
  • Coverstock Aggression Hybrid CFI
  • Factory Finish 500/1000 Abralon Polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • Best Lane Condition Medium to Heavy Oil
  • Core Rip'D
  • Core Type Asymmetrical
  • Mass Bias 0.014
  • Available Weights 12-16lb

Rg / Differential

  • #16lb RG (2.49) Diff (0.047)
  • #15lb RG (2.48) Diff (0.054)
  • #14lb RG (2.50) Diff (0.052)
  • #13lb RG (2.56) Diff (0.030)
  • #12lb RG (2.63) Diff (0.030)

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Honor Roll

  • Don Ruder 300/752
  • Ernest Morrison
    Ernest Morrison 246 256 290 792
  • Gregory Turner 279,277,279/835
  • James Sibilia 299
  • John English
    John English 300
  • michael nielsen 290 209 267. 766
  • Nick Hoeldtke 300
  • Paul Smith 253/289/299 for 846
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