Hammer’s Erin McCarthy Wins Women’s Team USA Trials

By: Chris Hester

Erin McCarthy stepped up for her tenth frame during the final game of the 2017 Team USA trials with a chance to win the women’s division overall championship, unbeknownst to her.

“I didn’t look at scores at all today so I never knew I was actually in the running to win,” McCarthy, the now three-time Team USA member, said.  “Because I had no idea I could actually reach first place, the tenth frame wasn’t any different than the rest of them for me, which was probably a good thing.  My only thought was to try and put myself into position to secure an automatic spot on the team.”

The competitors bowled a total of 30 games this week on five different lane patterns.  Once qualifying was completed the top four female bowlers received an automatic berth onto Team USA.

McCarthy stepped up and struck the first ball in the tenth before finishing her event with a 241 game and vaulting her all of the way to the top of the leaderboard.

After a consistent week of bowling, only finishing one squad outside of the top ten, McCarthy was sitting in fourth place heading into the final day of competition on the 39 foot WTBA Seoul pattern.

“I started the day using my urethane Black Hammer to try and get out of the gate early before changing to a Track Heat X-treme once they started to transition,” she said. “In the end I switched to my Columbia 300 Delirium to finish off the day.”

This combination, paired with great shot making and lane play, helped McCarthy put up scores of 219, 249, 198, 228, 227 and 241 to claim the overall women’s championship.

“I have been on cloud nine ever since I realized I won,” she said. “Representing Team USA is always an incredible feeling and is something I will never take for granted.”