Barta's Guinness Record Recap is proud to announce that Adam Barta of Girard Ohio has broken the Guinness Book of World Records for:


 "Highest pinfall in tenpin bowling in one hour by an individual"


Adam totaled 2,708 pins in 60 minutes LIVE on in front of hundreds of fans in attendance at The Game of Wickliffe in Wickliffe Ohio as well as thousands of fans watching via livestream.

The old record was held by George Frilingos of Brisbane, Queensland Austrailia. George was watching live and supported Adam in his attempt but also commented "I reserve the right to respond!"

Bowling fans will be sure to benefit from a friendly rivalry between these two great athletes and promotors of our sport.


The big winners from this event will be the families that are going to receive some support from the newly formed BartaNation Families Foundation.(several thousand dollars has been raised so far!)

The foundation is a joint effort between Craig Elliott of, Adam Barta and the Barta Family. This holiday season we will be helping local families of cancer patients with some gifts and helping to restore the "Power of Hope".

Both Adam's and Craig's Families have been directly affected by what cancer can do to family members and are very gracious to all the bowling fans that donated to the cause during the event and also the companies that offered great product to help raise money. (Turbo, Hammer, Axis Sportswear and National Amateur Bowler Rankings)


All documentation has been submitted to Guinness and we are awaiting the official response and confirmation that Adam Barta is indeed the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER.


Thank you all for the support, we hope you enjoyed the show.



The show can be watched here:

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Adam Barta's Fan page is available here:

and Donations are still being accepted by following this link: