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Daren Knightsbridge

Southwater, West Sussex

Submitted on: 8/25/2016


with the Scandal

Came back to bowling after 21 years, always used to use Hammer. When I came back I was talked into another brand. Wanted to go back to my roots. Bought a Scandel in June. Last night of the season. PB Game/series and league average. 4 more Hammer balls on order.

Jason Knight

Tullytown, Pennsylvania

Submitted on: 8/24/2016

268 224 289 781 series

with the Bad Intentions Hybrid


Inger Olson

Goleta, Ca

Submitted on: 8/24/2016


with the Viral Solid

Neil Wolfer

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Submitted on: 8/23/2016


with the Dark Legend Solid

Just drilled the Dark Legend Solid, pin up, 2nd game bowled shot 280, ball is a beast!!

Cameron Taylor

Oklahoma City , Oklahoma

Submitted on: 8/22/2016


with the Scandal

20 years old, Scandal very first game shot 300.

Brian Tomei

Stockton, CA

Submitted on: 8/16/2016

300, 289, 259 / 848

with the Spike - Black/Blue

Always been a Hammer fan. Hadn't thrown my Spike in a while but sure glad I did! My second 300, but first 300/800 in the same set. What a ball! What a night! Roll a Hammer, seriously!!!