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Brian Maurer

Mooresville, Indiana

Submitted on: 9/9/2016

256/ 706 converted 29 out of 30 frames

with the Black Widow Red Legend

I have been bowling for about five years. Just happy with your products. All my jerseys that I buy I always have the Hammer logo on it. I do city and state tournament and Derby Bowl in Louisville Ky. Also have done tournaments for the Vets. Started out with 16lb balls and went down to 15lb balls now. Thanks for a great line of arsenals keep it up.

Chris Tuholski

Washougal, Washington

Submitted on: 9/9/2016


with the Scandal

Joselito F. Villanueva

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Submitted on: 9/9/2016


with the Scandal

Bowling just my hobby sport. Just joining my first league.

Ron Sinden

Pointe Claire, Quebec

Submitted on: 9/7/2016


with the Dark Legend Solid

Feel good about this 300, just came back after having quad bypass surgery 5 months ago. Glad I'm still here to do, Thank you Hammer for making a great product.

Eric Foster

Thornton, Colorado

Submitted on: 8/27/2016

267, 300, 269 836 series

with the Spike

Ignacio Paez

Parral, Parral Chihuahua

Submitted on: 8/25/2016


with the Bad Intentions Hybrid

Great ball