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Candid Ayala Jr

Dallas, GA

Submitted on: 11/18/2016

279/278/300 857

with the Black Widow Legend

I've been bowling for 25 years.

Brian King

Southgate, Michigan

Submitted on: 11/18/2016


with the Scandal Pearl


Eugene Woo Barnes

Detroit, Mi

Submitted on: 11/18/2016


with the Red Legend Solid

Ray Duryea

Monterey, Massachusetts

Submitted on: 11/17/2016


with the Deadly Aim

Patrick Shipley

Spring Valley, California

Submitted on: 11/16/2016


with the Scandal

Bowled IGBO MidYear in San Francisco, CA. November 10-14th, 2016 and made the scratch masters. In matchplay bowled games of 267-300-265-266-275-212-230 and in the Finals 253 and won. The Scandal was just Scandalous! Used it all 9 games.

Brian Shartzer

Whitehouse, OH

Submitted on: 11/16/2016

267, 236, 299: 802

with the Scandal