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Daniel Carter

Bentonville, Ar

300 / 219 / 269

with the Bad Ass

Darcy Wood

Kalamazoo, Mi


with the Black Widow Assassin

Left handed play down and in medium revs and speed. Black widow assassin is awesome shot two 300 s this week.

Darin Flores

Redford, Michigan

276-300-279 855

with the Black Widow Assassin

Dave Lile

Bartlett, Tennessee


with the Deadly Aim

Dave Lile

Bartlett, Tennessee


with the Deadly Aim

David Zeedyk

Franklin, Oh


with the Spike

I'm 13 yrs old and I shot my first 300 in my youth league with the Hammer Spike, and then not even a month later shot 299, awesome ball...Nothing hits like a Hammer.

David Rice

Wilmington, North Carolina


with the Amp Up

I had a 682 scratch series (personal best) with the Amp Up ball on 2/25/14. It was the first time using the Amp Up ball in a league. Amazing! Hopefully, I'll get my first 700 soon.

David Rice

Wilmington, Nc

285 / 697

with the Amp Up

My personal best high sanction game 285 and series 697 using the Amp Up on 11/4/14. I had the first 10 strikes and it ended with a 5 count split spare.

David Turben

Lehigh Acres, Florida

298/226/207=733 series

with the Absolut Curve

Just started bowling again after 15 years and the Hammer Absolut Curve was a big game changer for me. I'm consistently in the mid-to-high 200's on a variety of oil patterns. Love this ball!

DeMarco L. Johnson

Philadelphia, Pa


with the Jigsaw Trap

Deric Birch

Lancaster, Ca


with the Jigsaw Trap

I have had this ball for a couple of years and it has never let me down. A total of 4 700 series while using this ball. Was close to the elusive 800 series here, but I will get it someday. I will stand by hammer products as long as you keep making them!

Devin Burgan

Harlan, Ky


with the Absolut Flip

20 yrs old and getting better and better thanks to hammer bowled my first 600 series and I'm now averaging 205 in league bowling