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Jeremy R. Tock

Sheboygan, Wisconsin


with the Taboo Deep Purple

Shot my first sanctioned 300 and 800 series on 02-01-2014. 30 strikes with an open 10th frame the second game due to a pocket 7-10. Since getting the Taboo Deep Purple 2 months ago other than the first 2 weeks of getting used to it my lowest series is a 656. Absolutely love this ball.

Jeremy S.

Boca Raton, Florida


with the Absolut Hook

On Tuesday Dec. 3, 2013 my second series with my Absolut Hook gave me the highest series in my entire life!!! Now looking for my first 300 game and 800 set.

Jesse Duholm

Austin, Minnesota

182-268-300 - 750

with the Black Widow Bite

Started with my Storm Lucid and had very poor pin carry on a fresh THS which isn't very common for this house. 10th frame, 1st game, I made my switch to "Old Faithful"! (Black Widow Bite) Punched out 3 X's in the 10th to end w/ 182. YIKES! 2nd game, struck the 1st & 2nd frames, smashed a 7 pin in the 3rd, ripped a 10 in the 4th, and filled the 5th-10th with X's for a 268. Feeling pretty good about my ball switch at this point! 3rd game I had never felt so comfortable, buried all 12 for my 2nd 300 this year with this ball! All I can say is, NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER & THANK YOU!

Jim Bailey

Toledo, Ohio


with the Deadly Aim

2nd series with this monster!! 717 & 790!!! :)

Jim Lagace

Wallingford, Connecticut


with the Black Widow Assassin

227 avg. Drilled up the Assassin this week but didn't use it since I've been bowling pretty decently lately. Pulled it out for the 3rd game in league and shot 300. First game on the ball.

Joe Gizzi

Wilmington, Alaska


with the Black Widow

Joe Pettinato

Westland, Michigan


with the Absolut Curve

Jonathan Salas

Hammond, Indiana


with the First Blood

I shot this 300 at the USBC Greater Calumet City Tournament. 1st one in my short career even though my average is above 220. Thank You Hammer for making the best bowling balls out there.

Jordan Byrnes

Albany, New York


with the Cold Blood

Jorge Xavier Lara

El Paso, Texas


with the Deadly Aim

Joshua Ison

Cincinnati , Ohio


with the Big Blue Spare

Joshua Murphy

Fort Eustis , Virginia


with the Taboo Deep Purple

First Hammer product I've ever purchased. Purchase date was Oct 30, 2013. Got the ball drilled Nov 2, 2013, and on Nov 20, 2013 I bowl my first 290 game!