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Skip Forsyth

Naples, Florida

Submitted on: 12/8/2016


with the Purple Pearl Urethane

Owner of Skip's Pro Shop, Inc.

Michael Schmit

Hobart, Wisconsin

Submitted on: 12/6/2016


with the Arson Low Flare Solid

1st 300!!!!

Kennith A. Rose

Indianapolis, IN

Submitted on: 12/5/2016


with the Taboo Jet Black

I shot a 258 followed by a 296 in league. I love Hammer bowling balls they are the most true bowling balls I have ever used. I have been bowling for 25 years and I will not throw any other ball than a Hammer.


Taylor, Michigan

Submitted on: 12/5/2016


with the Scandal

Roger Szpara

Milwaukee, WI

Submitted on: 12/4/2016

247,257,255 = 759

with the Scandal Pearl

Jim fletcher

Mansfield , Tx

Submitted on: 12/2/2016

300 -791

with the Burgundy Hammer

Third 300 with my Burgundy. Ball is just stupid awesome. When everything is hook in a box, this ball is just predictablity. It makes the game very simple!