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Joe Buffa

St. Louis, Missouri

Submitted on: 2/17/2017


with the Rebel Solid

Full time league bowler. I study videos, articles, and learn all the different things about how to become a better bowler online.

Omar Sherek Farlow

Largo, Maryland

Submitted on: 2/17/2017

268 235 210/ 713

with the Bad Intentions Hybrid

Im a backup bowler who has been bowiling backup for 20 yrs. I feel like I am bowling better than I ever have . I am currently averaging 228 in my only league of the week. But I do practice at least once a week.

Richard Marano

Canton, MI

Submitted on: 2/17/2017


with the Gauntlet

Richard The day I bought the Gauntlet I bowled a game to take it for a spin. Bowled a 234. Very consistent ball action.

Eric Gravelle

Lodi, Ca

Submitted on: 2/17/2017


with the Burgundy Hammer

From Citrus Heights, CA., bowled Junior's when I was younger until I was 15, had to quit due to a knee injury and didn't start again until I was 30yrs of age. My wife got me back into bowling and I'm very glad she talked me into it cause I wasn't sure of myself with my knee but it is holding up nicely. I recently bowled my first 300 game and it's all because of my wife :)

Derek Powell

Muncie, Indiana

Submitted on: 2/17/2017

236, 267, 246=749

with the Scandal

Tim Steffens

Chesterfield, MI

Submitted on: 2/17/2017


with the Dark Legend