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Dustin Lee Whitehead

Birmingham , Alabama

Submitted on: 12/20/2016


with the Dark Legend Solid

Been bowling for just over 5 years now. Never before have I seen a ball roll as good as the Dark Legend Solid. Great strength in the mid-lanes and such a great backend motion.

Melissa Wasser

Columbus, OH

Submitted on: 12/20/2016


with the Scandal

First league season with the Hammer Scandal. I bowl in one weekly league and I've been bowling for the past 19 years. Bought the Hammer Scandal in September and this is my first new ball in almost 8 years. Love this ball!

James Dalton Murray

Asheboro, North Carolina

Submitted on: 12/19/2016

300/720 Series

with the Emerald Vibe

I am a 74 year old retired, long distance truck driver. I started bowling in 2010 at our local center. This is my 1st 300 game!

Dalton Harris

Stokesdale, North Carolina

Submitted on: 12/19/2016


with the Red Legend Solid

Bowling for about 2 and a half years. Changed to EBI after the first year and haven't looked back since. Now average about 210+ and getting better.

Jim Griffith

Kingman , Az

Submitted on: 12/17/2016


with the Spike - Black/Blue

Al Biskup

South Beloit, Illinois

Submitted on: 12/17/2016

225 255 284 764

with the Dark Legend