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Chris Cassell

Toledo, Ohio

269-279-279 817

with the Brick

Chris Cassell

Toledo, Ohio

300 / 811

with the Arson Low Flare

Chris Castro

Port st lucie, Florida

232-241-248-721 wk before 232-247-248

with the Deadly Aim

Chris Dunson

Pontiac, Mi


with the Viral

This ball is exceptional! I was in need of a ball to give me the little extra, when the lanes start to dry up a little (so I asked for 60x5x30),and still allow me to not move so far left out of my comfort zone. I got that and more, easy in the front and mids and it comes roaring off the back, but not so angular to leave me washouts when I miss a couple twigs left. Forgiveness,power and continuation.Thanks

Chris Husband

Bellevue, Nebraska


with the Absolut Hook

Shot my first ever 299 with this ball. I know it'll give me my 2nd 300 and first 800 set!

Chris Husband

Bellevue, Ne

247, 222, 300/ 769

with the Spike - Black/Blue

Shot my 2nd 300 with the Black/Blue Spike! Great ball!

Chris Johnson

Orange, Ca


with the First Blood

Bowled my first 700 series after only using my new "First Blood" ball for the last 2 weeks.

Chris Johnson

Orange, Ca


with the Viral

Chris Lanz

Madison Lake, Mn


with the Deadly Aim

Chris Murua

Prescott Valley, Az


with the Black Widow Assassin

Had just drilled it up and had one of those days where it kept striking.....I love the black widows....

Chris Piron

Fairfield, Oh


with the Jigsaw Trap

37 years old, finally shot my 1st 800!!! Also have (3) 300's and (2) 290's on this ball!!!!

chris rubolino

deer park, Ny


with the Viral

I am a two night a week bowler. I have been bowling for 16 years and have only ever thrown Hammer. My current arsenal consists of my viral, black taboo, swagger, brick, arson low flare, arson pearl, cobalt vibe and my taboo plastic.