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Diana Jessie

Euless, TX

Submitted on: 5/9/2017

279 280 215 /773

with the Rhodman

Someone who just loves to bowl and throw Hammer equipment.

Steve Fawcett

Thornville, Ohio

Submitted on: 5/7/2017


with the Phobia

Daniel Bolan

Orlando, Florida

Submitted on: 5/6/2017


with the Purple Pearl Urethane

David Higgins

North Platte, Nebraska

Submitted on: 5/4/2017


with the Gauntlet

Picked up new ball just before NE state tournament. Bowled this set for doubles and singles.

Allen M. Schrader

Bristow, Oklahoma

Submitted on: 5/4/2017


with the Deadly Aim

Craig Sheen

Scottsdale, Arizona

Submitted on: 5/3/2017

I used an original Black Hammer. I want to thank God for this accomplishment.