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Eric Gravelle

Lodi, Ca

Submitted on: 2/27/2017


with the Big Blue Spare

I am just on a tare :)

Donald A. Murrell

Long Beach, MS

Submitted on: 2/26/2017

300 game 744 series

with the Bad Ass

I have been bowling since I was a teenager, I am a 20 year Navy Retiree and bowled my first 700 series in 2003. On February 11 while using my Hammer Bad Ass I bowled my first 300 game. I am the President of my league and on the Gulf Coast Bowling Association Board of directors and I will be representing Mississippi in the National Senior Olympics in Bowling in June in doubles.

Leroy Thompson

Rochester , New York

Submitted on: 2/26/2017

299,234,238 771 with the Hammer Gauntlet

with the Gauntlet

DJ Kutlus

Pompano Beach, FL

Submitted on: 2/26/2017


with the Scandal

258-279-277 814

Gary Beatty

Peculiar, Missouri

Submitted on: 2/25/2017


with the Black Widow Venom

Jason A. Dodd

Las Vegas, Nevada

Submitted on: 2/24/2017


with the Scandal

222 + 235 + 247 = 704 Only the second time using the Scandal for a full series!