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John Nokas

White lake, Mi

Submitted on: 3/16/2017

299 258 288= 845

with the Black Widow Legend

Wesley Ricketts

Hagerstown, MD

Submitted on: 3/15/2017


with the Gauntlet

I'm 36 years old, just coming back to bowling after taking off for about 7 years due to some medical issues. My average hovers around the 210 area, I'm a speed dominate tweener, 17-18 mph and approx 300 revs. I picked up the Gauntlet after seeing my Pro Shop owner bowl with it and have been very impressed. Looking forward to more big scores!

Justin Schmidt

Grand Haven, Michigan

Submitted on: 3/15/2017


with the Gauntlet

Casey Knutson

Reno, NV

Submitted on: 3/14/2017


with the Gauntlet

Hammers unknown stud, The Gauntlet hits like a train and keeps the pins low for those brilliant mixer strikes. Also leading our city tournament with this ball.

Chris Jones

Anthony, Ks

Submitted on: 3/13/2017


with the Taboo Jet Black

Jess Hocker

Bradford, Ohio

Submitted on: 3/12/2017


with the Black Widow