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Cale Bennett

Aurora, Co


with the Bad Ass

Ive been bowling since i was 5years old,Im 43 now so Along Time, i have always used HAMMERS! LOVE THEM! from the original "BLUE PEARL"to the "3-D OFFSET" to now "LEGEND", and "BAD ASS" right handed , i guess im a Power Tweener 220s avg. ALL MY ABC/USBC HIGH SCORE AWARDS WERE ALL WITH HAMMERS!!!! my HIGH SERIES so far is a (855) series i have three 800s and on 12/14/14 in my league i shot my eighth 300 game! with no other than... YES YOU GUESSED IT, A HAMMER!! the NEW "BAD ASS" to be exact! Thank You Again, KEEP ON SETTING THE my opinon ON THE BEST BOWLING BALLS MADE IN AMERICA!!!!!!

Cale Bennett

Aurora, Co


with the Bad Ass

I just got my NEW "BAD ASS" a week ago and on my first night using it in league i shot a 227,243, 300 ! That is my 8th career 300 game!! ALL WITH HAMMERS, I MIGHT ADD!! And the ball TRULY LIVES UP TO ITS NAME .....IT IS A "BAD ASS"!!!!

Cameron B. Potts

Hicksville, New York


with the Taboo Jet Black

Avid Bowler. Love Hammer Products, Bowled My first 300 with this ball. Told the person with the current high score that I was going to break his high score week before. Retired tha ball because it was too good ;D Its a Relic now ;D

Carlos Lucero

Albuquerque NM, Nm


with the Arson

I have been bowling for 6 Years and I shot my first 300 on 11-11-2014. I was using the Arson Hybrid (202-265-300). Can't wait to do it again.

Carter Frye

Palm Bay, Florida


with the Nail, Smoke and Fire

16 years old and been bowling for 4 1/2 years. A devoted Hammerhead since the Black Widow series. Only throw Hammer and nothing else. Hammer bags, shirt, balls. You name it, I got it. First 800 ever and it was sanctioned! Stoked to be getting my ring!!

Casey Dyer

Liverpool, New York


with the Black Widow Assassin

788 series (236-276-276) out of the box with the Black Widow Assassin on 2/26/2014, which happens to be a personal best. I absolutely love this ball! Hopefully I'll be posting about my first 800 series soon!

Chad Helton

Orlando, Fl


with the Burgundy Hammer

Charles Foster

Little Rock, Ar


with the Black Widow Legend

I am a Hammerhead thru and thru. I purchased the Black Widow Legend in August 2014, shot 300 in Sept 2014. Loved the entire Widow line. I own others, but, the Legend is my #1.

Charles Louis Lintz IV

Mason, Oh

237 229 300 766

with the Bad Ass

Charles Rott

Beech Grove, In


with the Black Widow Assassin

Shot my 6th 300 of the year with the BW Assassin...great line of equipment 5 of 6 300's have been with hammer balls this year.

charlie cheng

Riyadh, Ak


with the Black Widow Legend

Average Tweener with my team all using Hammer bowling balls, and maybe Hammer could send us our way some Hammer Shirts for my team

Charlie Terry

Kingwood, Tx


with the Black Widow Assassin

Bowled a 300 with this ball out of the box!! Love the whole line of widows, just purchased the black widow fear and can't wait to throw it.