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Dominic Boysaw

Columbus, Ohio

245/297/279 : 821

with the Cold Blood

No complaints!

Don Atkins

Galena, Ohio


with the Deadly Aim

Had the ball drilled up Wednesday night. Pulled it out of the box Thursday night for a couple of practice shots during league warm up time. Rolled out the first shot and the sweep came down and you knows what happens next. After the ball made it back to me I tossed a couple of times and it rolled nice down the lane. At my house I was standing 20 and rolling over the 5/6 board for the shot. First game right out of the box 300. I like this ball!!!! What I did notice about this ball when it hits the pins that the pins stay down on the deck and not flying up and over. Thanks Hammer...

Donald Durland

Wurtsboro, New York

300, 238, 300 838

with the Deadly Aim

Donald Durland

Wurtsboro, New York

269, 248, 300 for a 817

with the Deadly Aim

Second 800 and third 300 in 7 days with this ball. This ball hits like a train.

Dustin Hoene

Alton, Illinois

237, 268, 261

with the Black Widow Assassin

Been a huge Hammer fan since high school bowling. First league night out with the Assassin and felt like I couldn't miss! This ball is the REAL DEAL!!! So glad to see the Widow line back in action and hope there are more to come!

Dwain Prather

Orlando, Florida


with the Absolut Curve

Dylan Eichler

Bentonville, Arkansas

299-290-256 845

with the First Blood

Eddie Downey

Brooklyn, New York, New York


with the Taboo Blue/Silver

300 Game - 2/10/14

Eric Anderson

Princeton, Illinois


with the Absolut Curve

Eric Arnold

Odessa, Texas


with the Cold Blood

Frank Barefoot

Rancho Cucamonga, California

256-266-290 = 812

with the Amp

Bowled this 3 game set in the first 3 games of matchplay during the WBA 1st Annual Barstow Mixed Doubles!! Kept it going to victory !

Fred Burns

Glen Burnie, Alaska

247/246/248 741

with the Arson Hybrid