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Chris Webb

Rio Rancho, New Mexico


with the Black Widow Assassin

Christopher M. Aiello

Pittsburgh, Oregon


with the Deadly Aim

A 187 average bowler with a brand new just drilled deadly aim.

Christopher Smigelski

Swanton, Ohio

300 / 805

with the Spike

Chuck Kremer

Deland, Fl

210 279 300 789

with the Big Blue Spare

Threw 789 and my first 300 with the taboo international release from the USBC tournament in Baton Rouge in 2012.

Clarence McQueen Jr

Missouri City, Texas


with the Deadly Aim

Had a respectable shot during Travel League on Sunday, March 16, 2014. Changed the box surface of my Deadly Aim with a new 3000 Abralon pad. The rest is history. Front 9 - 276, 236 clean and 300 on the back for 812. I didn't see it coming! The Deadly Aim is a beast! I've averaged 240 with it the last three weeks!

Clarence McQueen Jr

Missouri City (Houston), Tx


with the Deadly Aim

On March 15, 2014, I was bowling the 1st set of Travel League and throwing the Deadly Aim. Game 1 - Front 9 - 276, Game 2 - 236 clean and a 12 bagger for 300 and an 812 series! This ball is a killer! It was so smooth that the pins never saw it coming. Kill the pins with a DEADLY AIM! Nothing Hits Like A HAMMER!

Clarence McQueen, Jr.

Missouri City, Texas

756, 697, 691

with the Black Widow Assassin

I know it is preliminary but with one weekend to go, I lead in every scratch event (Singles <697>) , Doubles <1423>, All Events <2144>and Four Man Team <2849>) in the 2014 running of the Houston Men's Invitational Championships. Ball used for all three events: The Black Widow Assassin! This ball is amazing! Definitely more hook and continuation than I've seen in a minute!

Cody L Scott

Portland, In

300 Game

with the Black Widow

Ive been bowling for almost 20 years. Since I was able to walk. I have 3 300's and almost had an 800 last season. Loved the black widow! used it in high school bowling.

Connor McCullough

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


with the Rachet

I started bowling about a year and a half ago. I am 17 years old and I got 3 300 games with the Hammer Rachet

Cory Gordon

Clemmons, Nc

300 / 778

with the Taboo Blue/Silver

This is my 2nd 300 of the season and still love throwing my Hammer Taboo. This is one of the best balls that Hammer has ever made. It hits as strong today as it did 3 years ago when I got it. I'm sure I will throw many more big games and sets with this ball and other Hammer balls I love such as the Epidemic.

Cory Richardson

Decatur, Georgia


with the Deadly Aim

Avg. 215

Cory Richardson

Decatur, Georgia


with the Deadly Aim