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Steve Fawcett

Thornville, Ohio

Submitted on: 2/22/2017


with the Phobia

200+ league average, once a week bowler.

James Fleming

Waverly, NY

Submitted on: 2/21/2017

248-260-300 808

with the Purple Pearl Urethane

EBI Staffer. If you dont have a Purple Hammer yet, you need to get one or two. This is a must have ball.

Terry Crippen


Submitted on: 2/21/2017


with the Black Widow Sting


Logan Counts

Flint, Michigan

Submitted on: 2/21/2017

245-255-214 / 714 Series

with the Scandal

I'm a 16 year old bowler, I bowl for Bendle high school and I am the varsity anchor. This ball was great when the oil breaks down.

Tom Ross

Greeley, CO

Submitted on: 2/20/2017

221,257,223=701 out of the box

with the Gauntlet

200 + League average - bowl in Scratch and Handicap Leagues, bowl on the Rocky Mountain Seniors Bowling Tour (RMSBT) and the Colorado Scratch Bowlers Tour (CSBT) and USBC Open Championships

Jeff Carlson

Yorktown, Virginia

Submitted on: 2/20/2017

248 - 221 - 196 = 665

with the Gauntlet

This was my first series with the Gauntlet (15lb). I bought it at 4PM, started leagues at 6:30. Overall, I loved the ball. I definitely have to keep up my speed though or it will take off left on me. It replaced my old Lane #1 Curve. Yes, it's been that long since I upgraded. :) I definitely recommend this ball.