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Adonas Taylor

Greenbelt , Maryland

Submitted on: 4/5/2017


with the Phobia

Michael Nielsen

Manistee, MI

Submitted on: 4/3/2017

300 213 234

with the Scandal Pearl

Michael Nielsen

Manistee, Michigan

Submitted on: 4/3/2017

300 187 216

with the Bad Intentions Hybrid

Bobby Mitchell Vincent

New Iberia, Louisiana

Submitted on: 4/2/2017

300,207,199 = 706

with the Black Widow Assassin

Amen Thank You Jesus , This is my first 300 awesome , nothing hits like hammer. I have been bowling 8 years and I love to bowl its an awesome sport. I have 2 - 800 and 3 - 299 and 1 -300. Hammer makes the best bowling balls.

Corey Stannard

Antioch, TN

Submitted on: 4/2/2017

214, 280, 267/ 761

with the Black Widow Red Legend

Lee Duthu

Owings Mills, Maryland

Submitted on: 4/1/2017


with the Deadly Aim

Been bowling for years, just drilled the Deadly Aim up, was my brothers, but he quit bowling, figured I'd give it a try, second game after getting it, solid 300, not a questionable shot at all. Ball hits like a truck. I had previously been a Brunswick guy, but I think you may have won me over Hammer. Ball rolls amazing, hits even better. I just turned 18, this is my second 300. Shot the first one almost exactly 5 years ago, April 4th 2012. Hope this makes the shout-out page. Like I said before, you may have won my loyalty. Nothing hits like a hammer!