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Tyler Zimmerman

Omaha, NE

Submitted on: 6/14/2017


with the Rachet

Hi there, I'm a 19 year old two-handed right bowler. As an avid Hammer fan, I was elated to shoot my first ever 300 using the Ratchet ball last night. While I didn't have the best line, nor the best shot, never forget... Nothing hits like a Hammer!!

Jeffrey Williams

Caldwell, ID

Submitted on: 6/11/2017

300, 248, 300 / 848

with the Epidemic

Army Veteran t Shot in neck and fought brain tumor. Used to bowl 4 to 5 days a week when shot. Took 4 years off to relearn to walk, talk, eat. Started bowling again 6 weeks ago. All I owned was DV8 16lb balls. I am a left handed full roller power reviving monster. Nicknamed Big Willy. A guy on my pair had this Hammer Epidemic and I asked him to use it as the oil pattern was Statue of Liberty at 47ft. I shot 300 game 1. Game two opened first 2 frames, spared third and then never missed again hitting next 21 straight crushing pocket shots. For a 248, 300. Hitting a solid 848 series. Guess its time to find new balls and leave dv8 where it left me... lost. Once my retirement ever hits new hammer here I come!

Daniel Bolan

Orlando, Florida

Submitted on: 6/3/2017


with the Purple Pearl Urethane

2 handed left

George E. Pierce Jr.

Cheektowaga, New York

Submitted on: 5/30/2017


with the Arson High Flare

Number 2


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Submitted on: 5/30/2017


with the Scandal

Tony Odom

Palm Springs, California

Submitted on: 5/26/2017


with the Dark Legend Solid