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Brian A Petrey

Greenfield, IN, In

300 game

with the Black Widow Assassin

Brandywine USBC Singles Event, 2nd game.

Brian Bledsoe

Barstow, California


with the Blue Hammer

This is old but I like to tell people about my first 300. First, I found the ball I rolled for my first 300 in the back yard of my friends house. It was covered in dirt and filthy and who knows how long it had been sitting out there; but, hey it looked like it would roll. I took it home cleaned it up and began to practice practice practice. I rolled my first 300 with an old Blue Hammer I found in my friends backyard that had been forgotten about in 2004.

Brian Davis

Waterford, Connecticut

300 290 279. 869

with the First Blood

Brian Gaines

Philadelphia, Pa


with the Spike

Im Brian Gaines I'm 20 years old and I just shot my 13th 300 and 5th 800 at the pepsi State finals.

Brian Petrey


300 game/770 series

with the Black Widow Assassin

#5 300 game for my career.

Brian Petrey


300 game/770 series

with the Black Widow Assassin

Hammerhead for the last 4 years now. 5 career 300 games now, with the last 3 coming in the last 16 months. My 300 & 770 series was on the last league night for the championship.

Bruce Lewis

Sugar Land, Alaska


with the Cold Blood

Rolled 300 with Cold Blood 1/614

Bruce Lewis

Sugar land, Tx


with the Deadly Aim

Bryan Cannon

Mempis, Tennessee

Score: 299 game 821 series

with the Amp

Love this ball so much. Need to get me another one to have as a backup.

Bryan Mancini

Rumford, Rhode Island


with the Black Widow Bite

Cal Janus

Suamico, Wisconsin


with the Black Widow Pearl

Subbed for my father in-law whom had surgery that morning. I told him I would take care of bowling for him. I rolled city record, gave league plaque to him. It hangs in his TV room.

Cale Bennett

Aurora, Colorado


with the First Blood

On 1/5/14 I shot my 7th 300 game! ALL 7 WITH HAMMER BALLS!! TRULY "NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER"