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Geoff Barry

Perth, Western Australia

Submitted on: 7/13/2017

300 x 2

with the Black Widow Assassin

I am 70 years old, have been bowling 50 years now. Have 9 x 300s with my last one 3 weeks ago with a 3 year old Black Widow Legend.

Melanie Acworth

Rothwell, Queensland

Submitted on: 7/13/2017


with the Absolut Flip

I love my Hammer gear!!

Edward Molina

Las Vegas, NV

Submitted on: 7/11/2017

300-290-279 869

with the Gauntlet

Always bowl with a Hammer. Wish I would have rolled this in tournament and not just practice. But the Gauntlet is an absolute best ball.

Nathan Hayward

Eagle Vale, NSW

Submitted on: 7/10/2017


with the Diesel

Robert Takemori

Sacramento, California

Submitted on: 7/9/2017


with the Gauntlet

Alan Hildenbrand

Palm Harbor, Florida

Submitted on: 7/8/2017


with the Gauntlet

Out of the box Gauntlet 259,235,257....300,279,257, . My composite ave is 227 ... Gauntlet is amazing!