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Thomas Posavac

Arlington , Texas

Submitted on: 9/11/2017

279, 243, 225 747 series

with the Scandal

Started with my Scandal and switched to my Scandal Pearl midway through the second game. These two balls make an incredible 1-2 punch. They helped me raise my high series by 1 pin.

Brian Edwards

Southgate, MI

Submitted on: 9/10/2017


with the Black Widow Gold

Right out of the box. 791 series

Jeremy Quaas

New Hope, Minnesota

Submitted on: 9/9/2017


with the Scandal

First night of league and I shot my first ever 700 series. I started the first two games with the Scandal which was used for the 276. I also used my Amp Up after lanes broke down too much for the Scandal. Scandal is pin up postion and Amp Up is full roller postion. Love my Hammer equipment!

Eric Anderson

Princeton, IL

Submitted on: 9/7/2017

James Johnson

Catonsville, Maryland

Submitted on: 9/7/2017


with the Black Widow Gold

Danssaert Rudy

Antwerpen, België/Antwerpen

Submitted on: 9/6/2017


with the Gauntlet