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Omar Farlow

Largo , Md

Submitted on: 6/23/2015

245 267 241 753

with the Amp Up

Hello Its Mr. Backup Starting another wonderful season . We just started our League on Monday August 17. I just got the Amp up drilled . I have seen a lot of scores on the bragger with this ball . So I was very exited when I got this ball . I have had it for about 4 months . But I finally got it drilled . I thew 3 practice games with it 2 of them I shot 278. But its practice so I did not take it seriously . But after Monday night that ball is the truth. The way it finishes when it hits the pocket. Man I Love it . I am Definately impressed. I know you guys might not think a backup bowler can shoot like that . Well you guys need to check me out. Its real . And with a Hammer piece in my hand I will not be stopped. Nothing Hits like a Hammer Thank you

RaaShon A. Evans

Richmond, Tx

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Bad Ass

Only had the ball for two weeks. The first week out the box rolled 620 series. This week 650 series. Great Ball!!! Currently averaging 205

Omar Farlow

Largo, Md

Submitted on: 6/23/2015

278-236-257 771

with the Amp Up

Mr. Backup is at it again . I bowl in a adult youth doubles league with my son on Saturdays. I bowled 278 236 and a 257 for a 771 set. Its not my highest. I have shot 800 before. But its great to start the season off like this. Long live the Hammer

Aaron Kubisak

Plano, IL

Submitted on: 6/23/2015

300 game

with the Arson Low Flare

Shot 300 with a pin in the ring Arson Low Flare.

Joey Walsh

Lehigh Acres, Fl

Submitted on: 12/31/1969

802 (279-279-244)

with the Arson Pearl

This is my second 800 series with this ball. Great reaction and one of my favorites in Hammer's lineup.

Buddy Morea

Las Vegas, Nv

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Black Widow

It was almost 10 years ago, but in 2007 using an original Black Widow, I bowled my only 800 series to date. Ball was retired that night and has now, in fact, cracked in half, so the last time it saw action on the lanes was the night I shot 800 with it. Love that ball!