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John C Salas

Katy, Texas

Submitted on: 8/1/2017


with the Rebel Solid

300,289,225 What else can I say but "Hammer Time!!"

Jeremy Commons

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Submitted on: 7/27/2017


with the Black Widow Pearl

Black Widow Pearl. Nothing Hits Like A Hammer.

Phillip Wildman

Denver, Colorado

Submitted on: 7/21/2017

279 /757

with the Cold Blood

Jason Dutcher

Moorpark, California

Submitted on: 7/21/2017


with the Arson

Returning member of the I retire from bowling every few years, but then get sucked back in.

Ashley Blakley

Houston, TX

Submitted on: 7/17/2017


with the Phobia

Curtis Aldridge

Fayetteville, PA

Submitted on: 7/14/2017


with the Gauntlet

My name is Curtis I been bowling with Hammer bowling balls a lot. My favorite one is Hammer Gauntlet because it hit a strike every time. Like they say nothing hits like a Hammer good job Hammer crew for making this bowling ball. I will be buying more soon.