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Largo, Maryland

Submitted on: 5/1/2017

269 256 277 / 802

with the Vibe – Blue

Hello Everyone Its been a long time that I have shared some of my scores. I have been having a pretty good year so far but this one was extra special and I felt that I had to share this. I am a backup bowler so its very special to me. I pulled out the Blue Vibe from the closet. I had not bowled with it in over a year. I practiced with it the saturday before league on Monday and shot 812 with it . So I was excited about using it. That Monday I bowled 269 256 277. I also average 226. Was trying to get to 230 but I think it is too late. Long live Hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Resner

Scotland, South Dakota

Submitted on: 4/26/2017

Kelvin Douthard

Birmingham, AL

Submitted on: 4/24/2017


with the Viral Hybrid

Vicktor Varner

Akron, Ohio

Submitted on: 4/24/2017


with the Rebel

Love to support EBI!!!

Douglas Poirier

Holly Hill, Florida

Submitted on: 4/23/2017


with the Arson High Flare Solid

Christopher Woodson

Cypress, Texas

Submitted on: 4/21/2017


with the Phobia