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Matt Fouch

Arizona CIty, Arizona


with the Black Widow Assassin

Thanks for bringing back an amazing ball!!!

Fred Burns

Glen Burnie, Alaska

247/246/248 741

with the Arson Hybrid

Zachary Schulte

Woodville, Ohio


with the Spike

My first 700 series ever! I used Onyx Vibe for game 1 (259), but switched after frame 4 of game 2. Love using Hammer products, tried some of the other stuff out there, but "Nothing hits like a Hammer!"

Scott Coots

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

300/767 300/786

with the Deadly Aim

1 week 2 300s. Can't beat it!

Casey Dyer

Liverpool, New York


with the Black Widow Assassin

788 series (236-276-276) out of the box with the Black Widow Assassin on 2/26/2014, which happens to be a personal best. I absolutely love this ball! Hopefully I'll be posting about my first 800 series soon!

Dave Lile

Bartlett, Tennessee


with the Deadly Aim