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Charles Rott

Beech Grove, In


with the Black Widow Assassin

Shot my 6th 300 of the year with the BW Assassin...great line of equipment 5 of 6 300's have been with hammer balls this year.

Agustin Maldonado (AUGIE)

Pensacola, Fl


with the Deadly Aim

Last year March I bought the First Blood and got a 290 in April. This year in March got the Deadly Aim and got my 300 in April. Hammer what are you putting in production next year in March because I might get it? A lot of people at that center bowl with DV8 or Storm. When everyone asked what I had I told them the everything in my arsenal is Hammer bowling balls except my WD and that was the DEADLY AIM. LOVE THE BALL THANK YOU HAMMER.

Jeremy Lippert

Clearfield, Pa

248/298/265. 811

with the Rachet

This is my first 800 I have shot (7) 300's using all hammer balls but I finally got my first 8. I only use hammer products because NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER

Adam Smit

Ripon, Wi


with the Black Widow Assassin

Been throwing a roto grip for a couple years, now I was recommended the Black Widow Assassin. I bowled with it for about a week before my 300. Great ball. It fits my style of throwing perfectly

Brian Petrey


300 game/770 series

with the Black Widow Assassin

#5 300 game for my career.

Clarence McQueen Jr

Missouri City (Houston), Tx


with the Deadly Aim

On March 15, 2014, I was bowling the 1st set of Travel League and throwing the Deadly Aim. Game 1 - Front 9 - 276, Game 2 - 236 clean and a 12 bagger for 300 and an 812 series! This ball is a killer! It was so smooth that the pins never saw it coming. Kill the pins with a DEADLY AIM! Nothing Hits Like A HAMMER!