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Samuel Sawall

Sheboygan, Wisconsin


with the Absolut Curve

I'm 32 and just started bowling about 2 months ago, I bought the Absolut Curve as my first ball. Been practicing 2 to 3 days a week. Last night was my best series. Can't wait for the next season of bowling to start.

Glenn Heinsey Jr.

Myerstown, Pennsylvania

257,300,203 for 760 series

with the Jigsaw Trap

This is my 2nd 300 with the Jigsaw Trap. Awesome ball! Thanks Hammer!

David Rice

Wilmington, North Carolina


with the Amp Up

I had a 682 scratch series (personal best) with the Amp Up ball on 2/25/14. It was the first time using the Amp Up ball in a league. Amazing! Hopefully, I'll get my first 700 soon.

Roger York

Jacksonville, Arkansas

717 - The first series shot with it.

with the Black Widow Assassin

Been bowling for 44 years. I am tweener type bowler.

Blake W.

Dunwoody, Georgia


with the Wrench

Richard Svihel

Belle Plaine, Minnesota


with the Deadly Aim

Average 227 but been leaving a lot of 10 pins as of late. My old ball has lost its drive so bought this new nugget and out of the box shot this score granted I was still shooting 757 just last week with the old one. I think this is the ball to get me that elusive first 800 and 300!!!