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Jesse Duholm

Austin, Minnesota

182-268-300 - 750

with the Black Widow Bite

Started with my Storm Lucid and had very poor pin carry on a fresh THS which isn't very common for this house. 10th frame, 1st game, I made my switch to "Old Faithful"! (Black Widow Bite) Punched out 3 X's in the 10th to end w/ 182. YIKES! 2nd game, struck the 1st & 2nd frames, smashed a 7 pin in the 3rd, ripped a 10 in the 4th, and filled the 5th-10th with X's for a 268. Feeling pretty good about my ball switch at this point! 3rd game I had never felt so comfortable, buried all 12 for my 2nd 300 this year with this ball! All I can say is, NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER & THANK YOU!

Alvey Harrisson

Corinth, New York


with the Amp

Started bowling when I was 12 . Still do a weekly league for fun and bowled my first 300 game at the age of 24 with a Hammer Amp.

Frededrick Williams Jr.

Newport News, Virginia

290/11 in a row 758 Series

with the Taboo Jet Black

I've been sold on Hammer products since 2001. Currently own 35+ Hammer Bowling Balls. Ranging from a Black Widow Pearl to a Arson Low Flare and growing. Hammer 4 Life.

Andrew Singleton III

Homewood, Illinois

258-222-279/ 759

with the Amp Up

Bowled on 2/11/14, still striking, on my hottest streak since I was a college bowler. NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER!

Andrew Singleton III

Homewood, Illinois

245-268-247/ 760

with the Amp Up

Shot on 2/4/14, the core of this series just will not stop striking, NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER!

Andrew Singleton III

Homewood, Illinois

264-259-265/ 788

with the Amp Up

Bowled on 1/21/14 the very next day after I shot 300 with the Amp. This core is awesome!