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Deric Birch

Lancaster, Ca


with the Jigsaw Trap

I have had this ball for a couple of years and it has never let me down. A total of 4 700 series while using this ball. Was close to the elusive 800 series here, but I will get it someday. I will stand by hammer products as long as you keep making them!

Agustin Maldonado (Augie)

Pensacola, Fl


with the Deadly Aim

Hammer Thank you again for such a great ball. Today I shot my first 800. I shot an 801 with a 289, 278, and 234. Just a few months ago I got my 300 and now my 800. I am going to the Wolf Pattern Regional in Pensacola. Wish me luck.

Gary Stephen Paul

Silver Spring , Md


with the Deadly Aim

I have been bowling most of my life and just purchased my first two Hammer balls. The first was the Deadly Aim drilled in Reno in March while I was bowling in the Nationals. I also have the Black Widow Assasin. I love both of these pieces and the Dealy Aim is the ball I used yesterday to shoot that house record setting set. I was a solid 9 pin away from a perfect series. Thanks Hammer!! Regards, Gary Paul

Eric Krpichak

Livonia, Mi


with the Black Widow Assassin

1st 300 thank you HAMMER!

Cody L Scott

Portland, In

300 Game

with the Black Widow

Ive been bowling for almost 20 years. Since I was able to walk. I have 3 300's and almost had an 800 last season. Loved the black widow! used it in high school bowling.

Zachary Strachan

Schenectady, Ny


with the Deadly Aim

21 yrs old and bowled first 300 game on May 26th. Since then, I have bowled 2 more non sanctioned 300 games.