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Jeremy Crookston

Mc Lean, Va

300/741 and 278/795 following week

with the Jigsaw Corner

I'm a 230+ bowler for the last couple of years. I bowled my 15th sanctioned 300 last week with the Jigsaw Corner. It makes my 5th 300 with that ball.

Don Barry

Omaha, Ne


with the Bad Ass

Just shot 300 with the Bad Ass #BA #ceritifed

Vicktor Varner

Akron, Oh

300 / 792

with the Black Widow Legend

I bleed Orange #HammerNation #DoWork #HitSquad

Amanda Jordan

Candor, Ny


with the Absolut Hook

23. Bowler for 15 years and counting.

Thomas Pengilly

stroudsburg, Pa


with the Black Widow Legend

4 game series Scratch. 202-222-279-289. Had my highest ever 2 game back2back with 568. 2 solid single pins in game 3&4 a 9pin(3rd frame game 3) & 8pin(11th shot 4th game) cost me back2back 300's. Had 1 stretch of last 9 game 3 and front 10 game 4 for 19 in a row. 790 total final 3 games. The elusive 800 series is coming soon I can feel it. Hammer has changed my game so much I feel like I'm dreaming all this. Rest of the season will be a year to remember for sure.

Don Hannam Jr

Sycamore, Oh


with the Bad Ass

Drilled up a Bad Ass this morning, used the dual angle method 80x3x60 pin ended up about 5:00 position from ring finger, first ball in awhile I've had a ball with pin south of the fingers. First game out the box, 299 with a stone 9 pin! Shot my 6th 800 series with an 801. Nothing hits like a Hammer!