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Amanda Jordan

Candor, Ny


with the Absolut Hook

23. Bowler for 15 years and counting.

Thomas Pengilly

stroudsburg, Pa


with the Black Widow Legend

4 game series Scratch. 202-222-279-289. Had my highest ever 2 game back2back with 568. 2 solid single pins in game 3&4 a 9pin(3rd frame game 3) & 8pin(11th shot 4th game) cost me back2back 300's. Had 1 stretch of last 9 game 3 and front 10 game 4 for 19 in a row. 790 total final 3 games. The elusive 800 series is coming soon I can feel it. Hammer has changed my game so much I feel like I'm dreaming all this. Rest of the season will be a year to remember for sure.

Don Hannam Jr

Sycamore, Oh


with the Bad Ass

Drilled up a Bad Ass this morning, used the dual angle method 80x3x60 pin ended up about 5:00 position from ring finger, first ball in awhile I've had a ball with pin south of the fingers. First game out the box, 299 with a stone 9 pin! Shot my 6th 800 series with an 801. Nothing hits like a Hammer!

James Apmann

Muskego, Wi


with the Black Widow Legend

64 Year old bowler. First time out of the box with my Black Widow Legend. 671 series with 264 best game ( 11 strikes). 6 count in 9th frame and missed the spare. Upgraded from hammer psycho to get a little more finish in backend. Was not disappointed

Kevin Walker

Waterloo, Ia


with the Black Widow Legend

James Bissias

Minooka , Il


with the Black Widow Legend