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John Figueroa

Umatilla, Fl

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Black Widow Assassin

This was performed, as a sub on the Monday Night Tappers league on January 5, 2015. First action for the new year. Using the assassin. Produced games of 255/266/246 for 767 series. Starting the new year in a positive way. Happy New Years



Submitted on: 12/31/1969

300, 168-300-228, 696

with the Black Widow Legend

I have been bowling since 1962, and this is my first 300. My previous high game is 298 back in the early 80's. I bowl once a week and my current avg is 210. I am also a member of a tournament club. I have been using Hammer balls since before the original Black Widow came out.

Joe Leingang

Seatac, Wa

Submitted on: 12/31/1969

300 / 800

with the Viral

The VIRAL is the ball to have! It is extremely versatile and rocks the pins upon impact. The ball shape is devastating and drives so well. The roll is true shot after shot! Don't be left behind. Put this one in your bag! You won't be disappointed!

Dj 150Proof

Wyandanch, Ny

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Bad Ass

Dominic Boysaw

Columbus, Oh

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Viral

Edward Dufek

West Mifflin, PA, Pa

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Bad Ass

Owner of Duff's Pro Shop