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Heather Wood

Savanna, Oklahoma


with the First Blood

Was a great night bowled on 11/21/13. 193 average. First blood #13 pound. I switched to a 13 pound because was dragging by the 3rd game. Was throwing a 14 lb.

Jack Batchelder

Laconia, New Hampshire


with the Amp Up

First 300 game. Laconia High School Bowling Coach Owner of Jack Is Back Pro Shop Staff Member of

Jack C. Meredith Jr.

Seneca Falls NY , NY


with the Bad Intentions

33 year old auto sales general manager

Jack G

Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

224/224/225 673

with the Nail, Smoke and Fire

Jacob N Martin

New Iberia, Louisiana

225, 277, 212, 714. 700 #1

with the Arson

Been bowling for two years now, and I've been striving for my first 700 series! Finally got it, with the help from Hammer!!

Jade McFeely

Lake City, Florida


with the Arson

James Apmann

Muskego, Wi


with the Black Widow Legend

64 Year old bowler. First time out of the box with my Black Widow Legend. 671 series with 264 best game ( 11 strikes). 6 count in 9th frame and missed the spare. Upgraded from hammer psycho to get a little more finish in backend. Was not disappointed

James Bissias

Minooka , Il


with the Black Widow Legend

James Engle

Nederland, Tx

258 270 289 for 817

with the Taboo Jet Black

Since switching to Hammer last year I have shot my last 4 honor scores with the brand. 300 #45 with Arson Low Flare. 290/825 with Arson Low Flare and 817 #24 with Jet Black Taboo.

James Engle

Nederland, Tx

224-290-255 for 769

with the Viral

Since drilling this ball, my first 7 series with it are 701, 709, 722, 715, 749, 771 (257 triplicate) and 769. Ball is very versatile. Love the Viral!

James Merrick

Brampton, Wyoming

300 game

with the Road Hawg

James Vaughn

Oklahoma, Ok


with the Deadly Aim

Started bowling in 1974 - bought my first hammer in 1990 - this makes my 9th 300 with HAMMER products - and ever since I bought that first one, I've become the local HAMMERHEAD!!