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Jeffrey Sonsoucie

Saint Louis, Mo

Submitted on: 2/13/2019


with the Statement Solid

First night out with the ball. It rolls smooth.

Brent Gregory Watson

Parkersburg, WV

Submitted on: 2/12/2019


with the Statement Solid

Oleksandr Shcherbinin

Cherkassy , Cherkassy region

Submitted on: 2/12/2019


with the Web Tour Edition

Roger S Szpara

Milwaukee, WI

Submitted on: 2/11/2019

236,258,266 = 760

with the Rip'D Pearl

Chris B Rank

Montgomery, Il

Submitted on: 2/7/2019


with the Gauntlet Fury

I have been bowling in leagues since high school, never had a 200 average nor shot 800/300. Last year after I switched to the Gauntlet Fury, I average 220 and this year 225. I shot back to back 800 years last year and added my first 300 game last week.

Blaine Segars

Greenville, Sc

Submitted on: 2/6/2019


with the Black Widow Black/Gold

Also shot 799 3 weeks ago with the Black Widow B/G