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Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Black Widow Legend

This ball is AWESOME!!! Out the box, I rolled games of 257, 190, and front 8 for 267 last game for a 714 series. I think I will just have to go buy me a second one just as a spare... "I can never get enough." Thanks hammer for all of your hard work and dedication to the sport.

Douglas A Middleton

Tampa, Fl

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Deadly Aim

I'm an average bowler that averages around 215. I have had a few 300 games with hammer bowling balls. Tonight I decided to throw the deadly aim in practice it was coming up a little high so I threw the hammer spike a couple times and didn't like the way it was reading the lanes. As I t was time for score I went back to the aim and moved 2 left and slowed it down . First game 289 leaving a stone 9. Second game throwing the same ball I had 9 out of 12 strikes ending the game with a 214. Third game moved one more left and up a half a step up and bowled a 300 so with that being said that is a series of 803 first one thanks hammer for making great equipment. P.s. j can't wait for the bad intentions.

Arvin Sanders

Petoskey, Mi

Submitted on: 12/31/1969

808 Series

with the First Blood

10th season league bowling. 7 300 games multiple 700 series. 6 additional 11 in a row games. Currently have a all hammer arsenal. First Blood, Ratchet, Wrench, Deadly Aim, Nail Smoke &Fire. Raw Anger

Aaron Purucker

Gowen, Mi

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Bad Ass

Robert Edward Sielski

Monroe, Mi

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Absolut Hook

Age 58 Average 203 , Within the last 4 weeks, Had Aleta Sill, (Women's 1st million dollar winner) drill me up what SHE thought I needed. It was a Hammer Absolut Hook. In the 4 weeks I've bowled I've had 619, 593 (with open in 10th frame of last game), 649, and last night, 225,215,300 for 740 NOTHING hits like a HAMMER!!!

Mickey Conner

Verona, Va

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Deadly Aim