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Patrick Snyder

Chino, Ca

290 / 300

with the Absolut Hook

290 and 300 shot within a month of each other...I love this ball !!!

Paul Anderson

Rapid City, South Dakota

259-224-259 - 742

with the Infection

Have bowled with Hammer since the beginning, started with the original Red Hammer Urethane. Have had MANY Hammer balls since. Purple Urethane, Blue Pearl, Blue Reactive, Razor Berry, Wheel, Razor Blade, Doom, Burn, Purple Razyr, Black Widow, Black Widow Clear, Purple Vibe, Swagga, Road Hawg, Hawg Wild, and my newest ball the Vibe XR! I love Hammer Bowling!

Paul J Beaudoin Jr

Jerymn , Ak

300 / 781

with the Deadly Aim

My son is 17 yrs old & a senior in high school. he just bowled in the JR gold tournament in Buffalo N Y. he finished 279 out of 1089. It was his first big tournament & I think he held his own. He's been using hammer products for 2years now. He owns the deadly aim the nail & the epidemic. he says he wouldn't throw anything else.

Peter Judowski

Keansburg, New Jersey


with the Nail, Smoke and Fire

First one in 4 years, long time to wait for #10

Quamtrelle Green

Douglasville, Georgia

300/ 781

with the Black Widow Assassin

Randolph Bevard

Melbourne, Florida

690 (twice in two weeks)

with the First Blood

Randy S

Loveland, Ohio


with the Black Widow Assassin

First league night with my Black Widow Assassin I rolled a 709 series. That's only my second 700 series this season. Can't wait to finish the season strong.

Ray Fleenor

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

279 279 269

with the Taboo Jet Black

Only used the Taboo Jet Black and 68 yrs. old

Rex Krivanek

San Jose, California

238, 258, 299 = 795

with the Absolut Hook

I am a senior bowler and my league average is 205. My bowling theory is always buy the most expensive ($200+ like Deadly Aim) high end heavy oil bowling balls with low RG and the most aggressive drilling pattern for the ball. I bought a 14lb Absolute Hook on 2/26/14, had it drilled pin up right of the ring finger. I had to come up with a new theory. The Absolute Hook is not a $200+ high end bowling ball but it is the best ever ball for me and my style. Taking it to Nationals.

Rey Cruz

New Milford, New Jersey


with the Black Widow Assassin

Richard Svihel

Belle Plaine, Minnesota


with the Deadly Aim

Average 227 but been leaving a lot of 10 pins as of late. My old ball has lost its drive so bought this new nugget and out of the box shot this score granted I was still shooting 757 just last week with the old one. I think this is the ball to get me that elusive first 800 and 300!!!

Rick Freese

Pomona, California

289-264-247 =800

with the Spike

Only my second series with the Spike. I purchased an Arson Pearl as well & set it up for moderate to medium conditions. I can't wait to see what it does when I see some of those conditions. The Spike I set up long & strong. 5 &1/4 one quarter inch pin. Pin up above the middle finger, about an inch to an inch and a half. This ball is a destructive force. Completely satisfied & my Props to Dave Eddis @ King Pin Proshop West Covina for nailing the drilling perfectly.