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Michael L. Herron

Louisville,Ky./Jeffersonville, IN., Kentucky


with the Rachet

Career 300 #30 09-26-13 P.B.A. member #3697

Michael L. Herron

Louisville, Ky./Jeffersonville, IN., Kentucky

800 274,279,247

with the Wrench

Career 800 #19 02-24-14 P.B.A. member #3697 Greater Louisville Bowling Association Hall Of Fame Inductee 2007

Michael Roberts

Pittston, Pennsylvania


with the True Blood

Started bowling leagues again 2 yrs ago. I could never adapt my game with these new high tech balls. The owner of the bowling center ,who just happens to run the pro shop, also recommended the True Blood. Let me just say I couldn't be happier!

Mike Benavidez

Globe, Arizona

259 199 266 725

with the Deadly Aim

Mike Burnsy

Cleveland, Ohio


with the Swagga

I throw that thing out to the 2nd arrow and it cracks back every time. Need a little more grease on the alleys then I move off the big dot and toss it harder. If that fails I just get some chicken strips and fries lol

Mike Burnsy

Cleveland Ohio, Alaska


with the The Sauce

Blew it up that night. Front 11 then sour apple lol. Love The Sauce! It's the first ball out of my ball bag! Thanks Hammer

Mike Schrems

Norton, Massachusetts


with the Spike

Shot my highest series ever with the Hammer Spike!

Monty Wonnacott

Livonia, Mi


with the Taboo Jet Black

I am 19yrs old. I ended up bowling my 1st sanctioned 300 at Woodland Lanes with the Jet Black Vibe. This ball got me to a 190 average in college bowling and has been the most versatile ball in my bag. As always Nothing Hits Like a Hammer!

Nick Marlett

LOWELL, Indiana

299 game/738 series

with the Infection

Noah Wells

Roseville, Michigan


with the Deadly Aim

12yrs old, throw my first 300. Using Deady Aim in the Rushing Gluba Tournament at Skore Lanes. NOTHIN HITS LIKE A HAMMER

Oleksandr Scherbinin

Cherkassy, Ak


with the Blue Hammer

I'm from Ukraine and I'm 33, bowling for about 10 years, Bowled 300 with Blue Hammer on Cheetah pattern

Paolo Zavarise

Verona, Ak

223/234/279 = 736

with the Deadly Aim