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Jasper Styles


Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the True Blood

Getting Lazy in my old age... My second year with the True Blood for bowling on house shots. Simple 10 to 7 drop right up the gut... Ave last yr 208, 215 this yr. 2/12/15

Patrick Shipley

Spring Valley, Ca

Submitted on: 12/31/1969

247-300-258 / 805

with the Bad Ass

Shot my 28th 300 game and my 14th 800 series with the Bad Ass at the Gasparilla Annual Games Mixed Event Scratch Masters at Pin Chasers Midtown, Tampa Florida. Love this ball. Thanks Jason Will with Dubbs Drill Shack in San Diego, CA.

Scott Easton

Cumming, Ga

Submitted on: 12/31/1969

257, 289, 299/845

with the Deadly Aim

John Haynes

Kent, Oh

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Burgundy Hammer

Was excited to see the re-release of the Burgundy Hammer. The original was the best ball I have had in 40 years of bowling. The new release lives up to its name. Bought one for my wife as well, she loves it too.

Richard A. Raymond II

Chicopee, Ma

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Deadly Aim

48, shot my 1st 800 series...came close again to a 300 but fell short, nothing like a little "tug" to ruin your game. Love the Aim, was the right ball tonight!!!

Todd Mallan

Rochester, Mn

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Viral

I am 38 years old and have been bowling for 33 years. I have 14-300's and 7-800's. I own and run a bowling Pro Shop here in my local community. I bowl 2 nights per week in 2 different leagues and get out and bowl a tournament a couple times per month. I had a fellow league bowler that has been really scoring well with his Hammer Viral over the past month so I ordered one and had to try the ball myself. This ball is very controllable and doesn't over-react on the lanes. I shot this 828 with the Hammer Viral only after the 2nd week of owning the ball!!!