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Stacey Jones Sr.

Saint Louis, Mo

Submitted on: 12/31/1969

248, 276, 177= 701 series

with the Hawg Zilla

I finally got my first 700 series, thank you Hammer. I been practicing a lot and it's definitely paying off. Lefty's rule!

Brian McKinney

Roanoke, Va

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Bad Ass

My first 700 set and 278 is my new personal high score. Use only Hammer equipment and I never will use any other brand.

David Rice

Wilmington, Nc

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Taboo Jet Black

I had a 248 game on 3/24/15 with the Taboo Jet Black. My favorite ball!

Johnathon Reyes

Big Spring, Tx

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Bad Intentions

Recently picked up the Bad Intentions after the missus said I needed a new ball. While I was happy with my First Blood, I was blown away with the Bad Intentions. Shot my highest game and series with this beast... Needless to say, Nothing Hits Like a Hammer!

Adam Lombardi

Pittsburgh, Pa

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Black Widow Legend

Jason Nulliner

Indianapolis, In

Submitted on: 12/31/1969


with the Burgundy Hammer