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David Colston

Baltimore, Md

Submitted on: 8/16/2018

277,280,258, 815

with the Phobia

This is a late post, but I shot that 815 on 1/14/18. I also shot 268,279,259 for a 806 on 3/3/18 with the phobia and on 4/1/18 I shot a 300/799. Then I bought the fierce phobia and on 4/22/18 I shoot 226,299,279 for 804. Hammer makes some great equipment! Looking forward to the Black and Gold Widow!

Matthew Maloney

Newberg, OR

Submitted on: 8/3/2018


with the Rebel Yell

On Advisory Staff with Ebonite and I have been bowling for 34 years. I pulled my Rebel Yell out of the closet after not throwing it for a couple of months as I was searching for a specific look in the summer Super Bowl league I’m bowling in, and needless to say...I found it! :-)

Allen Hayes


Submitted on: 7/31/2018


with the Cherry Vibe


Greer, SC

Submitted on: 7/26/2018


with the Black Widow Pearl

First game out of the box with the widow gold.

Robert Mockenhaupt

Rutherford, NJ

Submitted on: 7/24/2018


with the Onyx Vibe

Ebonite Staffer #TeamEBI

David Daniel

Jacksonville, NC

Submitted on: 7/23/2018


with the Black Widow Venom

Highest Life time score. Still working on the perfect game