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Donovan Allgood

Corpus Christi, Tx


with the Black Widow Assassin

I've been bowling a long time now and had a high series of 797 before. I bought the Black Widow Assassin from a friend and got it re-drilled to fit my game. Within a month of getting it re-fitted, I shot 290, 269, 247. My first ever 800 series! Like they say, "Nothing hits like a Hammer!"

Douglas A Middleton

Tampa, Fl


with the Deadly Aim

I'm an average bowler that averages around 215. I have had a few 300 games with hammer bowling balls. Tonight I decided to throw the deadly aim in practice it was coming up a little high so I threw the hammer spike a couple times and didn't like the way it was reading the lanes. As I t was time for score I went back to the aim and moved 2 left and slowed it down . First game 289 leaving a stone 9. Second game throwing the same ball I had 9 out of 12 strikes ending the game with a 214. Third game moved one more left and up a half a step up and bowled a 300 so with that being said that is a series of 803 first one thanks hammer for making great equipment. P.s. j can't wait for the bad intentions.

Dustin Hoene

Alton, Illinois

237, 268, 261

with the Black Widow Assassin

Been a huge Hammer fan since high school bowling. First league night out with the Assassin and felt like I couldn't miss! This ball is the REAL DEAL!!! So glad to see the Widow line back in action and hope there are more to come!

Dustin veldhuisen

Slayton, Mn


with the Arson

i am a left handed bowler and i bowled a 300 and a 299 and a high series of 741 with this ball and not all in the same night all 3 were different nights

Dwain Prather

Orlando, Florida


with the Absolut Curve

Dwain Prather

Orlando, Fl


with the Big Blue Spare

I am a senior bowler first 300 in quite a while, had eleven in the city tournament for 276(Deadly Aim) and eleven in a row in league for 290 (Absolut Curve)

Dylan Eichler

Bentonville, Arkansas

299-290-256 845

with the First Blood

Eddie Downey

Brooklyn, New York, New York


with the Taboo Blue/Silver

300 Game - 2/10/14

Edward Dufek

West Mifflin, PA, Pa


with the Bad Ass

Owner of Duff's Pro Shop

Eric Anderson

Princeton, Illinois


with the Absolut Curve

Eric Anderson

Princeton, Il


with the Absolut Curve

Bowler for 7 years. My highest score yet.

Eric Anderson

Princeton, Il


with the Absolut Curve