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Frederick Williams Jr

Hampton, Va


with the Absolut Curve

The Best Brand on the market. Its Hammer or Nothing at all. "DO WORK" Thanks Pinnacle Proshop Clarksville TN.

Gary Ezell

Kenner, Louisiana


with the Deadly Aim

I just switched from Brunswick to Hammer equipment in December. I threw Brunswick exclusively for 9 years. I just shot my first of 31 300's with a Hammer ball. It was the new Deadly Aim, drilled with a Rico pattern. This ball is so consistant at the break point. I want to thank McCorveys Pro Shop and Alex Handback for drilling the 10 Hammer balls that I now have. Since making the switch to Hammer, my carry percentage has gone thru the roof. I'm looking forward to many more honor scores and hopefully some tourney championships. Thanks Hammer for making such great products.

Gary Ezell

Kenner, Louisiana


with the Deadly Aim

Shot my 2nd 300 in 8 days with the Deadly Aim.

Gary Hadder

Lakeview, Michigan, Alaska


with the Cold Blood

Gary R. McGinnis II

Indianapolis, In

258, 279, 290 827

with the Black Widow Assassin

On February 26th, 2014, using the Black Widow Assassin, I shot my first ever 800 series. Scores for the night were 258, 279 and 290 for an 827 series. Also had 32 out of a possible 36 strikes as well. Thank you Hammer for a great product.

Gary Stephen Paul

Silver Spring , Md


with the Deadly Aim

I have been bowling most of my life and just purchased my first two Hammer balls. The first was the Deadly Aim drilled in Reno in March while I was bowling in the Nationals. I also have the Black Widow Assasin. I love both of these pieces and the Dealy Aim is the ball I used yesterday to shoot that house record setting set. I was a solid 9 pin away from a perfect series. Thanks Hammer!! Regards, Gary Paul

George "The Flint" Carson

Hudson, Ohio


with the The Sauce

I've been using a Hammer since the original bowling ball came out. OG if you will. The Sauce has taken my semi-pro bowling career to new heights. Thanks for throwing down the Hammer on this wonderful ball. Sir Jonathan Ive himself would be quite impressed with the elegant product design that you were able to pull off.

George Nelson

Englewood, OH


with the Bad Ass

Adam Barta is my Hero!

George Pacacha

Wappingers Falls, New York

300 game

with the Taboo Jet Black

I bowled this when I was 14 year old I am now 16. I avg around 205-210 and love bowling. Just got the Black Widow Assassin today and love it! Hammer is by far my favorite ball company.

Gerald ( cranker) Malcolm

Detroit , Mi


with the Pure Hammer

I throw the ball 23mph and have a 600 rev rate.

Gerald Dick Cranker Malcolm

Detroit, Mi


with the Nail Titanium

I throw 30 mph and have 750 rpm. Adam Barta makes me want to go for a ride. One time i punched a hole in a wall and got nails in my hand.

Gerard Chidichimo Sr.

Old Bridge, Nj


with the First Blood