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Dominic "DC" Boysaw

Columbus, Oh

268, 266, 266...800

with the Arson Low Flare Solid

Dominic (DC) Boysaw

Columbus, Ohio

237/279/288 = 804

with the Deadly Aim

2 Fingered, Right Handed, Full Roller

Dominic Aceto

Sandusky, Ohio


with the Big Rig Diesel

Im 15 years old and I have been bowling for 8 years now. I bowled this game during my High School practice. My favorite bowling ball company is probably is Hammer by far. I just love the way they hit in the pocket.

Dominic Boysaw

Columbus, Ohio

245/297/279 : 821

with the Cold Blood

No complaints!

Dominic Boysaw

Columbus, Oh


with the Amp

Dominic Boysaw

Columbus, Oh


with the Viral

Don Atkins

Galena, Ohio


with the Deadly Aim

Had the ball drilled up Wednesday night. Pulled it out of the box Thursday night for a couple of practice shots during league warm up time. Rolled out the first shot and the sweep came down and you knows what happens next. After the ball made it back to me I tossed a couple of times and it rolled nice down the lane. At my house I was standing 20 and rolling over the 5/6 board for the shot. First game right out of the box 300. I like this ball!!!! What I did notice about this ball when it hits the pins that the pins stay down on the deck and not flying up and over. Thanks Hammer...

Don Barry

Omaha, Ne


with the Bad Ass

Just shot 300 with the Bad Ass #BA #ceritifed

Don Castillon

Chesterfield, Mo

238, 255, 256/749

with the Black Widow Legend

I am 21 years old and have been bowling for quite a few years, but this is my first legitimate 700 series. Only other one was at a 9-pin, but this was league play. I used the Legend for everything except 6, 9, and 10 pins. Great ball, love how versatile it is. Thank you Hammer Bowling for such great products.

Don Hannam Jr

Sycamore, Oh


with the Bad Ass

Drilled up a Bad Ass this morning, used the dual angle method 80x3x60 pin ended up about 5:00 position from ring finger, first ball in awhile I've had a ball with pin south of the fingers. First game out the box, 299 with a stone 9 pin! Shot my 6th 800 series with an 801. Nothing hits like a Hammer!

Donald Bishop III

Girard, Oh

300 GAME

with the Black Widow Legend

14 yr old Youth Bowler : Girard Ohio. First 300 Game.

Donald Durland

Wurtsboro, New York

300, 238, 300 838

with the Deadly Aim