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Jamison Peyton

Las Vegas, Nevada


with the Arson Low Flare

My second 300, it was on the old Cheetah pattern. (35ft)

Jason Hedrick

Shreveport, Louisiana


with the Black Widow Pearl

Jason Izzi

Yonkers, NY, Ny

300 game / 700 series

with the Nail, Smoke and Fire

36 years old, been bowling about 16-17 years and got my first 300 game on 12/8/2013.

JD Williams

Crestview, Fl


with the Black Widow Assassin

222, 254 then 300. Left a 4 10 in 2nd game that stopped me from finishing the night with 23 in a row! BLACK WIDOW BABY!

Jeff Chighizola

Slidell, Louisiana


with the Grape Vibe

Had my buddy Greg Walters Jr. punch up a grape vibe for me a couple of weeks ago. Had the front 19 last night before leaving a blowout 7 pin. 300-247-233. Love the ball, thanks Jr!

Jeff McCoy

Bristol, Va


with the Hot Sauce Pearl

Jeffrey Zarro

Warren, Michigan

300 game

with the Black Widow Pearl

I had a total of 7 , 300 games and on a cold sunday morning January 5th changed the total to 8! I was on lanes 5 & 6 at Shelby Lanes in Shelby Township when my Black Widow Pearl was reacting well. It had been since 2004 when I shot my last one, long overdue! I think its the best ball for medium conditions!

Jeremy Crum

Aurora, CO, Colorado

266, 276, 279=821

with the Absolut Hook

Threw my first 800 series with the Absolut Hook fresh out of the box!

Jeremy Lippert

Clearfield , Pennsylvania

(5) 300's

with the Onyx Vibe

I have thrown 5 300's with this ball in my life time my first when I was 16. I have also thrown a 6th 300 with the vibe jet black. I only use hammer bowling balls and plan on always using them because NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER!!!!!!

Jeremy Lippert

Clearfield , Pennsylvania

300/256/230 786

with the Arson Low Flare

I am 21 and this is my 7th 300, all 7 were with Hammer bowling balls and I always plan on using Hammer because NOTHING HTS LIKE A HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Lippert

Clearfield, Pa

248/298/265. 811

with the Rachet

This is my first 800 I have shot (7) 300's using all hammer balls but I finally got my first 8. I only use hammer products because NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER

Jeremy R. Tock

Sheboygan, Wisconsin


with the Taboo Deep Purple

Shot my first sanctioned 300 and 800 series on 02-01-2014. 30 strikes with an open 10th frame the second game due to a pocket 7-10. Since getting the Taboo Deep Purple 2 months ago other than the first 2 weeks of getting used to it my lowest series is a 656. Absolutely love this ball.