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Eric DuPape

Rock Springs, Wy

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Blue Hammer

Bowled on 3/6/2015

Nancy Miller

Petaluma, Ca

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Black Widow Legend

I have been bowling roughly 53 years without ever bowling a 300. Several 299's but no 300. I had the Black Widow Legend drilled on the afternoon of Sept 23rd and my first game of league bowling that same day was a 300. I ended up with a 757 series. This ball hits with so much power! I raised my average to 213.

Chris Thompson

Chambersburg, Pa

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Razor Blade

Just became a certified pro shop operator through Powerhouse. I plugged this ball and was using it as a test ball. I use nothing but EBI products.

Chris Walker

Quincy, Il

Submitted on: 6/23/2015

267,249,288/ 804

with the Arson Low Flare Solid

Mike DeVore

Brandon, Fl

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Black Widow Red Legend

2nd 300 in two weeks with the Red Legend Solid. Bowled during monthly senior sweeper tournament held at Fiesta Lanes at the Vilages in Lake Mary, Fl.

Leonard Weyandt

Altoona, Pa

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Viral Solid

First 3 games off drill press was 278-255-280 for 813.....ball is insanely awesome....I throw hard and usually alot of revs but this night I didn't have to throw hard or Rev it up.....I avg 225 to 232....