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Joe Tinney

Hatboro, Pa

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Nail, Smoke and Fire

Shot my 10th 300 and 5th 800 with my Nail Smoke & Fire on Thursday 9/3/15. The ball was drilled by Bob Brust from the Hammer booth at Nationals. Nothing hits like a Hammer!

Stanley Waite

Dover, De

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Cobalt Vibe

Frederick Williams Jr

Colorado Springs, Co

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Arson Low Flare

That's #7 Hammer Nation

Dave Bressler

Bressler, Pa

Submitted on: 6/23/2015

298 / 714

with the Black Widow Assassin

Michael Aguilar

Apple Valley, Ca

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Deadly Aim

My avg of 165 but bought the Deadly Aim about a month ago and just got my best game of 245 not a 300 like the rest of you but definitely an accomplishment for me.

John Kobylarz

Lyons , Il

Submitted on: 6/23/2015


with the Big Blue Spare

Used an ice vibe xr out of the box!