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Cory Richardson

Decatur, Georgia


with the Deadly Aim

Cyndee Poletski

West Richland, Wa


with the First Blood

Bowled my first 300 this year with my first blood. Also picked up a Spike at nationals this year. Hoping to see another 300 or high series this fall.

Damon Brown

Amityville, NY

300 / 795

with the Black Widow Legend

Daniel Carter

Bentonville, AR, Arkansas


with the Deadly Aim

Daniel Carter

Bentonville, Ar

300 / 219 / 269

with the Bad Ass

Darcy Wood

Kalamazoo, Mi


with the Black Widow Assassin

Left handed play down and in medium revs and speed. Black widow assassin is awesome shot two 300 s this week.

Darin Flores

Redford, Michigan

276-300-279 855

with the Black Widow Assassin

Dave Lile

Bartlett, Tennessee


with the Deadly Aim

Dave Lile

Bartlett, Tennessee


with the Deadly Aim

Dave Moore

St. Louis, Mo


with the Black Widow Bite

66 years old

David Zeedyk

Franklin, Oh


with the Spike

I'm 13 yrs old and I shot my first 300 in my youth league with the Hammer Spike, and then not even a month later shot 299, awesome ball...Nothing hits like a Hammer.

David Rice

Wilmington, North Carolina


with the Amp Up

I had a 682 scratch series (personal best) with the Amp Up ball on 2/25/14. It was the first time using the Amp Up ball in a league. Amazing! Hopefully, I'll get my first 700 soon.