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Mark Underwood

Washington Court House, Ohio

218, 300, 277

with the Taboo Blue/Silver

First 300 Game. 18 strikes in a row. 795 series. 12/8/13

Marvyn Galsim

Los Angeles, California


with the Black Widow

Matt Fouch

Arizona CIty, Arizona


with the Black Widow Assassin

Thanks for bringing back an amazing ball!!!

Matthew Paxton

Covington, Virginia


with the Black Widow Pearl

8th sanctioned 300 forth in the past two months. Absolut Hook (2) Original Black Widow (1) and now the Black Widow Pearl. Not to mention 2nd 800 in the past two months as well as one with the Absolut Hook and this one with the Black Widow Pearl.

Matthew Wiese

Clinton, Iowa


with the Black Widow Pearl

Started bowling very young, and I'll continue to my grave.

Michael A. Delmonico

Deerfield, Illinois


with the Black Widow

Even though there is a split in the bridge, the ball still works pretty well.

Michael Kozak

Stuttgart Germany, New York

300 Game

with the Black Widow Bite

Michael L. Herron

Louisville, KY./Jeffersonville, IN., Kentucky

279,279,279 = 837

with the Rachet

Career 800 #18 P.B.A. member 3697, Greater Louisville Bowling Association Hall Of fame Inductee 2007

Michael L. Herron

Louisville,Ky./Jeffersonville, IN., Kentucky


with the Rachet

Career 300 #30 09-26-13 P.B.A. member #3697

Michael L. Herron

Louisville, Ky./Jeffersonville, IN., Kentucky

800 274,279,247

with the Wrench

Career 800 #19 02-24-14 P.B.A. member #3697 Greater Louisville Bowling Association Hall Of Fame Inductee 2007

Michael Roberts

Pittston, Pennsylvania


with the True Blood

Started bowling leagues again 2 yrs ago. I could never adapt my game with these new high tech balls. The owner of the bowling center ,who just happens to run the pro shop, also recommended the True Blood. Let me just say I couldn't be happier!

Mike Benavidez

Globe, Arizona

259 199 266 725

with the Deadly Aim