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Kheltyn Lester

Bartlett, TN

Submitted on: 6/24/2016


with the Scandal

14 year old youth bowler

Jacob Mandry

San Antonio, TX

Submitted on: 6/21/2016

299 Game

with the Black Widow Legend

I'm a 15 year old youth bowler and after owning this ball for 2 1/2 months I bowled my highest game on record.

Bryant T. Moore

Newport News, Virginia

Submitted on: 6/19/2016


with the Nail, Smoke and Fire

Shot my first 300 on Mar 21, 2016.

Joseph Lewis

Suwon, APO AP

Submitted on: 6/16/2016


with the Absolut Flip

Bought this ball in December and have bowled better than ever. Average 198 on Tuesdays and 210 on Wednesdays.

Tyler Sprayberry

Newnan , Ga

Submitted on: 6/14/2016


with the Viral

Bowled my first 800 on 6/9/16 and now just missed my second 300 and second 800.

Matthew Reed

Denton, Texas

Submitted on: 6/13/2016

I am 12 years old and I was bowling Youth State in Georgetown TX and during team I shot 268/698 which is my highest series. My average is a 168. For the 9 games of the tournament I averaged a 200.6 average. I was throwing the Limited and Red Legend Pearl during the tournament. #Hammernation