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Jim Fletcher

Mansfield , Tx

Submitted on: 7/27/2016

300 / 773

with the Burgundy Hammer

Just coming back from a wrist injury and 8 months off. Since coming back had to drop weight to help maintain a healthy wrist, so I went to 14lbs. Could not be more happy or more impressed with the Hammer products. This Burgundy Hammer I threw tonight was right on the money as I was looking for something I can control. I own few of the new pieces and they are great, but hook a lot. Lol. This one is spot on and I will be drilling the Blue Hammer next. Thanks again for making some great equipment! #HammerTime

Jeremy Quaas

New Hope , Minnesota

Submitted on: 7/25/2016


with the Amp Up

Me and my mom took 7th place in classified doubles. I was using Amp Up and Burgundy. My mom was using the Blue Hammer. It was both our first time bowling the USBC Open Championships. Love the brand.


Mansfield, Tx

Submitted on: 7/20/2016

256,279,300. 835

with the Viral Solid

Anthony Phillips

Brooklyn , New York

Submitted on: 7/19/2016


with the Dark Legend Solid

Anthony Phillips

Brooklyn , New York

Submitted on: 7/19/2016


with the Rebel

Cyndee Sutherland

San Jose, California

Submitted on: 7/19/2016


with the Rebel