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Colin Govan

Hampton, Virginia

Submitted on: 5/22/2016

300/ 712

with the Black Widow Venom

25 Years old, and have thrown my Black Widow Venom for a few years now. Finally got to close out with my first 300!

Richard Woo Kim

Port Moody, British Columbia

Submitted on: 5/20/2016


with the Burgundy Hammer

Paul W. Barnes

Marietta, Georgia

Submitted on: 5/20/2016


with the Dark Legend

74 years old. Love Hammer products. 300 with Widow Nasty, 299 with Dark Legend.

Edward Ryley Lunsford

San Diego, CA

Submitted on: 5/19/2016


with the Black Widow Assassin

I've been bowling for 6 years (well in leagues and tournaments anyway). About a year in I shot a 289 with my dad's old Ebonite Turbo X. I've used nothing but Ebonite Mission series balls until I purchased my Assassin and oh man the saying is true about nothing hits like a Hammer. I thought I had awesome backend continuation and carry before...I was wrong!!!

Alex Hatris

Delco, North Carolina

Submitted on: 5/18/2016


with the Scandal


Shawn Pepple

Livonia , Michigan

Submitted on: 5/17/2016


with the Scandal