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Robert Snyder

San Antonio, Texas

Submitted on: 4/17/2018

277, 257, 266/800

with the Dark Legend Solid

A friend bought this ball for himself and decided he couldn't use it so he had it drilled to my specs and gave it to me. First time I used it bowled the 800 series. 277, 257, 266. Had one open frame, 2nd frame third game ball moved a little heavy left me the 4, 6, 7, 10. covered the 6,10 and went off the board for the 266 and my first ever 800 series. This is a great ball and I loved it. but it was stolen along with the rest of my bowling equipment. Thinking seriously about getting another one.

Gabriel Skoufos

Boonville, MO

Submitted on: 4/15/2018


with the Rip'D Solid

Married father of 3 girls. I have bowled for 31 years and today I finally threw my first 300 game at the state tournament for the team event. Glad i was able to do it with a bunch of friends there to share it with and to help our team score!!! Rip'd Solid was a beast the first game!!!

TJ Geerdes

Rice Lake , WI

Submitted on: 4/13/2018

245 269 248 762

with the Black Widow Gold

Big set carried our team into the next round of the roll offs!

Nadine Eisen

Jacksonville, Florida

Submitted on: 4/11/2018


with the Big Blue Spare

On 12/12/17 I pulled out the "Black Widow" from my attic and bowled 647 right out of the gate. Nine weeks later I bowled my highest set every 753. My average with the "Black Widow" is now 208, for the first 42 games I was averaging 178.

Robert Jennings

Tamqua , Pa

Submitted on: 4/8/2018


with the Fierce Phobia

Staff Member of Keglers Pro staff , 5th 800 in two years with EBI Balls first with Hammer ..

Tom Sims

Clay, NY

Submitted on: 4/6/2018


with the Black Widow Gold

Missed 12 weeks of bowling due to 3 bulging discs.