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Jim Cheshier

Tampa, Fl


with the Arson Pearl

Shot my 2nd career 300 last weekend (11/15/14) using my wife's Hammer Arson Pearl!

Aaron Purucker

Gowen, Mi


with the Bad Ass

Aaron Ray Monroe

Guflport , Mississippi


with the Black Widow Pearl

Im 18 years old now and I shot my first 300 at the age of 17 as a youth bowling with the Black Widow Pearl. Should have been back to back but dang 10 pin. but oh well better luck next time

Aaron Reed

Lodi, Ca


with the No Mercy

Was a 205+ average bowler but got cancer and had both hips & shoulders replaced with metal so just trying to get back into it now.

Adam Lombardi

Pittsburgh, Pa


with the Black Widow Legend

Adam Smit

Ripon, Wi


with the Black Widow Assassin

Been throwing a roto grip for a couple years, now I was recommended the Black Widow Assassin. I bowled with it for about a week before my 300. Great ball. It fits my style of throwing perfectly

Agustin Maldonado (AUGIE)

Pensacola, Fl


with the Deadly Aim

Last year March I bought the First Blood and got a 290 in April. This year in March got the Deadly Aim and got my 300 in April. Hammer what are you putting in production next year in March because I might get it? A lot of people at that center bowl with DV8 or Storm. When everyone asked what I had I told them the everything in my arsenal is Hammer bowling balls except my WD and that was the DEADLY AIM. LOVE THE BALL THANK YOU HAMMER.

Agustin Maldonado (Augie)

Pensacola, Fl


with the Deadly Aim

Hammer Thank you again for such a great ball. Today I shot my first 800. I shot an 801 with a 289, 278, and 234. Just a few months ago I got my 300 and now my 800. I am going to the Wolf Pattern Regional in Pensacola. Wish me luck.


Windsor , Alaska

240-245-300 (785)

with the Absolut Hook

Im 17 and only been bowling for 4 years, throw nothing but Hammer and I love it!! Buying the Black Widow Assassin soon to improve my arsenal! NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER!!

Al Biskup

Roscoe, Illinois


with the First Blood

Hammer fanatic for over 25 years going back to the Blue Pearl. This was my 6th 300 others were thrown with Blue 3D offset Maxxx, Red Sledge Hammer, Black Widow (original). Blazing Violet 3D offset high rev 2X back to back weeks and latest but hopefully not last First Blood.

Al Biskup

Roscoe, Illinois


with the First Blood

this was my first 800 ever with games of 277 279 277 . I'm proud to say that Hammer is my only choice for equipment for 25 years plus. as we all know Nothing Hits Like HAMMER

Al Hammons

Topeka, Ks


with the Taboo Deep Purple