Patricia Vanessa De Faria Zamudio

Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui, Venezuela

I started bowling when I was 12 years old when I lived in Punto Fijo, but my family and I soon moved to another city. My dad was in charge of a bowling alley, so I began bowling when I finished with school in the afternoons. My dad eventually started coaching me and I began competing in bowling tournaments. When I bowl, I feel like I can unplug from the world and completely focus on how to knock down all 10 pins. Bowling is not just a sport to me, it is my passion and what I like to do the most. When I don't feel well, I can only think of doing one thing: bowling. Bowling is like eating without getting fat! There is nothing else that gives me the same feeling I get when I bowl.

I love the Hammer brand because they make quality balls that have great reaction. I also appreciate the opportunities Hammer has given to me. This year I won my first world championship bronze medal while playing teams in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was using a Blue Hammer in the short oil, and I shot 690 in 3 games. It was the best feeling ever.

My biggest payday was playing the national games in Venezuela, where we won in trios and I shot 1,455 in 6 games.

I've bowled only one perfect game, which was when I played the US Women's Open in Dallas in 2011.