Alessandro Delcarmine

It started as a joke in 2002, when I played for the first time with some friends. The bowling alley manager said to me : "You are very good at it, why don't you join the league and start playing regularly?". I accepted the advice, I joined the league and then I started my first bowling course with Cavalier Mario Masera, my instructor and mentor. I played with lots of bowling balls brands, among them in the past I used Ebonite as Italy staff member. In the last few months I am using Hammer bowling balls, very good items with great impact on pins. It was easy to adapt my way to play to Hammer bowling balls because they positively react to my play requirements.

Experiences in the National team

In 2005 the coach team Bellini Sergio summoned me to join the National team during the Beker formula European competition in England. In 2007 the coach team Sam Anker summoned me to join the National team during the European competition in Austria. From 2008 to 2012, I took part to many meeting organized in order to select National team members.


  • Provincial federal referee
  • I attended and well passed the hole technician course with Instructor Franck Buffa.
  • I am Bronze USBC instructor; course attended and well passed with Instructor Franck Buffa.

My best score with Hammer bowling balls (Wrench) is 1007 within four games.