Francisco “Frankie” Colon

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Started Bowling at age 16 thanks to some friends.  Fell in love with the bowling immediately and started playing the youth leagues and short after became a member of our Bowling Federation.  At the age of 18 played in my first Lee Evans Bowling Tournament of the Americas (1991) Looong time ago.  I’ve become part of the Puerto Rico National Bowling Team since. 

I bowled  36 300 games and 27 800 plus series (841 highest).  Love to play with Hammer bowling balls because of their awesome performance and the variety for all lane conditions!!!  It’s true that nothing hits like a HAMMER. 

One of the biggest memories of my bowling carrier was winning the Reichert Cup with captain and fellow EBI staffer,Amleto Monacelli, it was the first time that the International Team won it defeating the Pro’s on the Team Event!  Still have the Shirt and the Jacket. but the most important is winning medals for my country and Team PUR thru the years in Central American and Pabcon events.